The Ecocene
The Ecocene

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we are cultivating an eco-social network

About Us

🌿 πŸŒ€ The Ecocene is an emerging, real & imagined geologic era where all humyns are living in reciprocity with the Earth again

🌿 πŸŒ€ This dream future looks different for everyone & means something different in each local context

🌿 πŸŒ€ Earthworkers hold reverence for our Earth as Ancestor & extension of our own beings

🌿 πŸŒ€ We see the soil & all that grows as sacred

🌿 πŸŒ€ We understand that all ecological movements are intersected by disparate access to land, ancestral teachings, clean air and water

🌿 πŸŒ€ We acknowledge that the violence of colonization & settler superiority complexes historically & currently have impacted Indigenous sovereignty & stewardship to the detriment of ecosystems & all of the beings living there

🌿 πŸŒ€ We defer to Black & Indigenous guidance & promote Reparations and #LandBack practices to give autonomy, land & resources back to those most impacted by colonization, slavery & settlements

🌿 πŸŒ€ We believe that every person has a valuable contribution to the Ecocene

🌿 πŸŒ€ As we learn from Olivia Chumacero, our elder, teacher & Everything is Medicine Instructor: at some point, everyone comes from a tribe & carries the blood memory of living in reciprocity with habitat

🌿 πŸŒ€ Now we just have to be gentle on ourselves as we redistribute resources - asking for what our communities need & giving back what our communities have excess in

🌿 πŸŒ€ We strive to stay gentle with ourselves as we relearn sustainability, reverence for the elements & habitat restoration in 21st century, urban & decolonization contexts

🌿 πŸŒ€ We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For!

A Big Thanks

Gracias to our teachers, the past & present leaders who inspire us. Thank you to Olivia Chumacero of Everything is Medicine for being a guide for all of us. Thank you Queen Hollins for your devotion to Earth Medicine for urban, black & queer communities. Thank you to the Black Panthers, Water Protectors, Earth Firsters & all the local movements for environmental justice, everywhere.

Thank you for being here, caring Earthling! We are inspired by you, we are grateful for you & your ancestors, we are co-creating this Ecocene with & for you & all your relatives (humyn and non-humyn alike!)